Banh mi xiu mai chen (baguette with shumai bowl)

This is an absolute must-try dish in Da Lat cuisine. The shumai balls are served in a bowl of hot sauce, in which you can dip the baguette. You can also ask for fried pork skin or chilli pepper to add to the soup.

Banh can (mini pancake)

Mini pancake is a popular breakfast dish in the Central Highlands city of Da Lat. Travellers can find it in many places such as Tang Bat Ho Street and Anh Sang Hamlet. The pancakes, filled with eggs and slightly burned, are eaten with fish sauce. Some places add meat balls to the sauce to make it tastier. A serving of 5 pairs of pancakes usually costs VND20,000 ($0.86).

Bánh uot long ga (steamed rice paper with chicken intestine)

Many people like this dish for its unusual taste. It is a bit sour as it is served with chicken salad rather than the more common pork roll. The dish is made of simple ingredients like rice paper and chicken meat or intestine mixed with fish sauce.

Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper)

Grilled rice paper is becoming more and more popular in Da Lat with an increasing number of restaurants serving the dish. At these restaurants, you can sit near a coal stove, watching the chef make this dish. The chef applies a little oil to the rice paper and then adds shrimp paste, cheese and green pepper. An egg is later added and stirred with chopsticks until the dish is fully grilled. It tastes even better with fried onion and pork floss.

Bun bo Hue (beef noodle soup)

Bun bo Hue is popular for its tasty broth and meaty components. The dish is quite popular in Da Lat and usually eaten for breakfast. Each restaurant has a different recipe for beef noodle soup, but the common ingredients are beef, pork roll (gio) or deep-friend pork roll.