Cau Dat Tea Plantation introduction

Cau Dat Tea Hill, or Cau Dat Farm Dalat, is known as one of the ideal spots for young people nowadays. Because of its dreamy scenery and endless green tea fields, it is listed in the top 20 tourist attractions in Dalat city.

Cau Dat Tea Hill - Culture Pham Travel

The article today will introduce to you Cau Dat Farm Dalat Vietnam. When reading this, you can have a general vision of traditional tea in Dalat and experience more about the culture here. Let’s take a look!

Where is the Cau Dat Farm located?

About 25 km from the downtown area of Da Lat city, Dalat Cau Dat Farm is located in the city’s outskirt – Cau Dat Helmet,  Xuan Truong Commune, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province. Dau Dat Tea Farm is not only famous for its beautiful scenery but it has a long-standing history as well. That is the reason why there are a large number of tourists visiting this spot every year.

With an area of up to 230 hectares. Cau Dat Tea Hill’s height is about 1650 meters above sea level. There are coffee shops, an ancient tea museum, Cau Dat Tea factory for you to explore.

History of Cau Dat Tea Hill

Associated with the streamflow of history, in 1915, Alexandre Yersin figured out Mount Hon Ba. He decided to set up an experimental station and planted cinchona (treating malaria) and tea on the top of the mountain.

In 1927, Cau Duc Farm was founded with over 600 hectares. Plus, there were three hectares of 100-year-old ancient wild tea trees. At this time, the tea factory concentrated on producing black tea to export to France and other countries in Europe.

Cau Dat Tea Hill - Culture Pham Travel

By 1960, influenced by Vietnam War, Cau Duc Farm had frozen its economic activities. Then, the facility was under the control of Chinese merchants.

In 1975, Cau Duc Farm was returned to the hands of Lam Dong Province. Until now, Cau Dat Tea Factory has still worked and is known as the oldest tea factory in Vietnam. Furthermore, their product called “Ancient Cau Dat Da Lat Tea” has a huge reputation in the tea field.

How to get to Cau Dat Tea Plantation

From the city center (Ong Dao bridge), you have to cross the bridge and turn right. Then, we will go along about  300 meters and meet the roundabout here, opposite Dalat Place Hotel. After that, you will go to the second exit onto Ho Tung Mau and come to the corner.

In Lam Dong TV station, there is Tra Hung Dao Street and turns to  Tu Phuoc. At that time, you are standing a1 highway 20. Go up to the hill! And you will see Cau Dat Tea Dalat.

There are several ways to reach Cau Dat Tea Plantation. There are some recommendations that Culture Pham Travel prepared for you:

Rent motorcycles

One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dalat and control your time is convenient to rent motorcycles and drive them by yourself. The price of renting a motorcycle is nearly 80.000 VND. Moreover, remember to fill the energy for your motorcycles because there is only 2 gas station.

Rent a car

If you do not want to suffer the cold weather in the evenings and hot sunshine in the morning in Dalat, you can rent a car. That is an ideal way for you to book our Dalat Car Rental with English-speaking drivers. We ensure that you will have the best experience ever.

Taxi rental

Besides, taking a taxi is also good for you to travel to Cau Dat Tea Plantation Dalat Vietnam. It is so convenient and beneficial. However, you cannot travel too far. The far you go, the money you have to pay will increase.

Take the bus

Finally, if you would like to save money, you can take a bus for your journey. Bus to go to Cau Dat Hill is free for anyone. However, sometimes, you have to wait for a long time because buses can be late.

Contact information and ticket price

Phone number

If you want to get more information about the service and relevant things about Cau Dat Farm, you can directly visit Cau Dat Tea Joint Stock Company. Or you can call staff through the phone number: 0263 3838 133 or via the website:

Cau Dat Tea Hill opening hours

Cau Dat tea hill’s opening hours are from 7:30 to 17:00 every day. So, tourists should notice the time to arrange the right traveling schedule. Especially, if there is anyone who wants to visit Cau Dat Hill early, you can contact the ticket office to be allowed to come to the farm early and enjoy the sunrise here.

Cau Dat Tea Hill - Culture Pham Travel

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Ticket price for Cau Dat Tea Hills in Dalat

According to the Dalat Entrance Ticket Fee, the cost to explore Tea Plantation is about 30.000 VND/person (roughly 1.5$) per ticket. The ticket price is quite cheap and affordable.

Best time to visit Cau Dat Tea Plantation

The ideal time to visit this spot is between October and March. It is when the weather is temperate, not too hot, too cold, or not raining too much.

Moreover, you should visit Cau Dat Tea Farm before 9 am in the morning and 4 pm or 5 pm in the afternoon. Because this is the most beautiful time of the day on the farm.

What to play in Cau Dat Tea Hill?

Enjoy the scenery

The first thing you should do when visiting Cau Dat Tea Hill is to check-in and take as many beautiful photos as possible. There are so many amazing things you should see such as flower fields, and vegetable gardens.

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Moreover, you can come to roadside wooden houses and winding roads to reduce stress and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Besides, you can take many nice pictures on pine hills to save meaningful memories.

In addition, if you have enough time, let’s experience the sunrise and sunset there! This is truly a masterpiece of the world. Hence, remember to bring your camera to get the marvelous scenery of mother nature!

Try tea at Cau Dat Tea House

When visiting Cau Dat Tea Hill, it will be a big loss if we do not try the sweet taste of tea here. You can come by Cau Dat Tea House – A coffee shop in the middle of a tea plantation and sip a cup of warm tea. Plus, if you want, you can buy some and bring them back to your home as presents.

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This coffee shop is so beautiful and follows a woody style. The shop is decorated with many flower vases and plants. That is the reason why the atmosphere is always fresh and clean, which brings a comfortable vibe for anyone visiting this coffee shop.

Ancient Tea Museum

On the Cau Dat Tea Hill, there is an ancient tea museum that has existed for over one hundred years. It is known as the oldest tea factory that is still operating nowadays in Southeast Asia. The factory has been associated with the historical milestones of Da Lat City in general, and Viet Nam individually. So, Cau Dat Tea Factory possesses a long-standing historical value.

What to eat and drink at Cau Dat Tea Hill

Cau Dat Tea Hill - Culture Pham Travel

There are some restaurants and coffee shops on the way you go to Cau Dat Tea Hill in Dalat. However, if you want to taste more delectable cuisine, you had better go back to the downtown area. Or you can carry food and drink to eat on the hill.

Tourists places close to the tea hill

Do you want to discover more tourist destinations in Dalat City? Besides Cau Dat Tea Farm, there are many places for you to explore such as Prenn Waterfall, Cam Ly Waterfall, or Crazy House Dalat. 

Moreover, let’s book our Da Lat City Tour. This is a great tour with a good schedule at a reasonable price for you to have the best trip in your life.

Hotel in Cau Dat Tea Hill Dalat

In Cau Dat Tea Hill Dalat, you can book high-quality rooms in different hotels here. For example, there are some famous hotels we would like to recommend to you: five-star Ana Villas Dalat Resort & SpaCrazy House DalatTerracotta Hotel & resort Dalat, etc.

All in all, the article has just shown you all information about Cau Dat Tea Plantation. If you have a chance to travel to Dalat, do not miss this wonderful spot! hopes that you will have the most beautiful moments in Cau Dat Tea Farm.